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Human Resources Management (HRM)

HRM is stategic approach to the affective management of people in a company or organization such that they help their business gain a competitive advantage. It is designed to maximize employees performance in service of an employer’s stategic objective.

FASST provides consultancy in all facets  of HRM to include HR Planning, Recruitment & Selection For Pakistani Companies/Organization & Foreign Countries, Talent / Head Hunting For Prestigious Positions, Career Counselling & Career Management, Job Analysis, Organizational Development(OD) & Change Management, Restructuring/Resizing, Human Resource Information System(HRIS), Employee Service Record Personal Files, Formulation Of HR Manuals, SOPs and Policies.

What we Offer

HR Planning(HRP)

In order to meet the present and future requirements of any organization or business unit it is important to conduct HR planning.

HR planning is a continuous process of systematic planning ahead to achieve optimum use of an organization most valuable asset-quality employees.HR planning ensures the best fit between employees & jobs while avoiding a man power shortages or surpluses. 

What we Offer

Recruitment & Selection For Pakistani Companies/Organization & Foreign Countries

In order to meet the HR requirements for any organization or business unit, competent Human Resource is recruited and selected.

FASST can provide services for recruitment and selection of human resources for Pakistani companies/organizations & foreign countries. This will provide high quality Human Resources with minimum expenses and time.

What we Offer

Talent / Head Hunting For Prestigious Positions

Head Hunting or executive search is a process of recruiting individuals to fill senior positions in organization. It is the process of finding highly skilled, experienced and appropriate executives for special or top management roles.

FASST can undertake head hunting for different organizations or business units to meet their requirements of top management.

Career Counselling & Career Management

FASST provides professional consultants who can guide to choose a career path. In case you have already adopted a career then FASST can provide career counselling for development of your career.

FASST can develop career path for each employees of different organizations or business units. This will ensure availability of highly skilled and motivated employees.

Job Analysis

It is process of identifying and determining the duties, responsibilities and specifications of a given job. Job analysis establishes a level of experience, qualification, skills and knowledge needed to perform a job successfully.

FASST can provide services to conduct job analysis of various positions in any organization or business unit. FASST can also develop job analysis cards for each position.

Organizational Development(OD)


Change Management

Organizational development is the study and implementation of practices, systems and techniques that affect organizational change. The goal of OD is to modify a group’s performance and / culture.

FASST has professional OD consultants who can study the organization or business unit, identifying problems and difficulties being faced by the organizations or business units.

FASST will provide workable solutions to all the problems of the organization development and in implementation of change management.


Restructuring of any organization or business unit is to change its internal structure to increase efficiency and cost effectiveness. Restructuring occurs as a result of one business buying another company and enterprise increasing in size. Restructuring can also be done to reduce unwanted manpower and down sizing or resizing of the organization or business unit.

FASST can provide experienced consultants for restructuring/resizing of any organization or business unit to increase its efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Human Resource Information System(HRIS)

HRIS is a software to handle all the functioning of HR to include online recruitment and selection, automated payrolls, leave management, performance management, succession planning, training, time & attendance of all the employees. HRIS also provides master data of all the employees at a click of button. 

FASST has collaborated with software development companies to provide and develop HRIS for various organizations and business units to meet their requirements.

Employee Service Record Personal Files

It is important to keep and update personal information and services record of each employee. Updated employees data is essential for career management, performance management, training &development, compensation management  and placement of employees in any organization or business unit.

FASST can provide services for maintaining and updating of employees essential service record.

What we Offer

Formulation Of HR Manuals, SOPs and Policies

The HR manuals or the work place policies and procedures manual is mandatory document for every organization or business unit.It contains the policies, standard procedures, practices, rules and regulations, code of conduct, criteria etc. governing employee’s conduct as a member of an organization. 

FASST  has experienced HR consultants who can review existing policies, SOPs or HR manuals, amend and update these or prepare new manuals.