O/A Levels

GCSE O and A Level is one of the most popular international qualifications offered by CAIE and conducted by British Council in Pakistan. Both of these qualifications are gateway to higher education and are widely accepted by educational institutions in Pakistan and abroad. These are offered to students between the age of 14 to 19 years. Most of the schools offer O Level as a 3 year program and A Level as a 2 year program. CAIE conducts exams twice a year, summer series in May/June and winter series in Oct/Nov. Minimum 8 subjects are to be taken for O Level in Pakistan. Results are announced usually after around 6-8 weeks of taking the exams. Students are rewarded grades from A* to E or U. Depending on the subjects, O/A Level exams consist of multiple papers which can include written assessments and practical exam or coursework. A Level exam is your gateway to entering a university program. Students can either take AS level exam after one year or A Level as a composite exam after 2 years of studies. AS level comprises of 50% of the total A Level syllabus. Minimum requirement for number of subjects for A Level is 3. But students can take extra subjects. O/A Level students are required to obtain equivalence from IBCC to apply for admissions in Pakistani Universities.

What Do We Offer?

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