FASST is an objective-driven organization, having the most reliable and affordable services for sending gifted students abroad paired with the most prestigious universities to provide cultural enrichment in the students’ lives.

Our objective is to prepare the students to the best of their abilities so that they may compete on the world stage and be the future leaders for a new and more progressive era, paired with broadening the cultural and economic diversity boundaries of educational institutions.

Our objective is also to provide following services to the worthy clients.


FASST helps in increasing the productivity of the employees to ensure the organization achieves its long-term goals.

Team Spirit

FASST instills the idea of teamwork, team spirit and collaborations to ingrain the zeal to learn within students.


FASST ensures the students get the top quality education abroad to enrich their knowledge and skills.

Organization Climate

FASST aims to instill positive perceptions and feelings in the employees about the organization.

Organization Culture

FASST positively impacts the organizational health and educational effectiveness to cultivate the learning culture in the organization.

Healthy Work Environment

FASST provides all employees with a healthy work environment to build good relationships between the employees so that individual goals are aligned with the organizational goals.

Health and Safety

FASST aims to improve the health and safety of the employees of the organization to prevent obsolescence.


FASST focuses on cultural enrichment and improving the morale of the work force.




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